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List Crew
Witness for the Prosecution
  Greta   Jennifer Virgil
  Sir Wilfrid   Ray Felton
  Mayhew   John Hines
  Other Woman   Mary Fletcher Jones
  Vole   Christopher Robin
  Hearne   Bob Kleinburg
  Romaine   Michelle Kable
  Usher   Shawn Felty
  Clerk   Steve McClure
  Myers   Fred Lash
  Wainwright   Jack Shellenberger
  Alderman   John Barry
  Stenographer   Clara Doyle
  Warder   Brian Ramey
  Dr Wyatt   Larry Boteler
  MacKenzie   Columba H. Brumby
  Clegg   Bob Greenspan
  Juror   Abbie Edwards
  Kevin Hurley

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