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The MCP Board is a tight-knit set of very active members drawn from members active in the Players and in the Arts. Almost all decisions are unanimous (except for play selections). Many members have been on the Board for many years, but new people are added almost every year. Let any of us know if you might be interested.

This is the Board for the current season


Bunny Bonnes (President)
Shaun Moe (Vice President)
Claire Tse (Secretary)
Maggie Wilder (Treasurer)

Jack Wefso
Camila Uechi
Jess Rawls
Michael Repogle
Karen Schandler
Bill Glikbarg
George Farnsworth
Cathy Farnsworth

Lifetime Honorary Directors
Bill Byrnes
Lori Roddy
Terry Yates
Doug Yriart
Mike Scott

The 2022-2023 Season (click on a show for details)
The Show Must Go On!
A Musical Revue

Closed Sep 24, 2022

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