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The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket
by Peter Parnell
Rob Batarla
Emily Besuden
Marnie Dodson
Jennifer Grace Farmer
Monica Hoyos-Hodson
Aaron Hurlock
Jenifer Loveranes
Steven Parker
Robert Colby Perkins
Carl West

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm at the Grange Theatre Nov 2, 2001 - Nov 24, 2001
Auditions: Completed
Producer: Emily Besuden
Director: Jerry Bonnes , Terry Yates
Technical Director: Herb Rothenberg   --   (GFP)

Daniel Rocket, known to his fellow 12 year old classmates as "Snood," has always been a little strange. A little out of the ordinary. A little ... unpopular. He has one friend, a boy named Ritchie, but the rest of the children treat Daniel as an outcast because he is different. Through Ritchie Daniel also manages to befriend Alice, his grade school crush, before revealing his secret: Daniel can fly. After his first public flight Daniel asks Alice to fly away with him, but she won't because they are too young (and, of course, Alice already has eyes for Ritchie.) Afraid of more ridicule by his peers, Daniel flies away without her, promising to return for her once they are old enough. Daniel returns home twenty years later an international celebrity -- and, as is to be expected, his once childhood enemies are now star-struck, fancying themselves his boyhood friends (except for bully Steve, who has been having a rough time and doesn't hide his contempt for Snood.) He is given a hero's welcome...but Daniel has never forgotten his pact with Alice, who is now married to Ritchie... The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket is a fantasy tale about the dreamer in all of us.

Prices are $12 for adults and $10 for seniors and students or groups of 10 or more. See Tickets for details

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