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Move Over Mrs. Markham
by Ray Cooney & John Chapman
Tom Coleman
Chris Dickerson
George Farnsworth
Lisbeth Fox
Mark Griffin
Robin Savage
Sue Titus
Nancy Tomlinson
Susan Williams

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm at the Grange Theatre Nov 1, 1983 - Nov 30, 1983
Producer: Dorothy (Mike) King
Director: Tom Coleman , Mary Jones
Technical Director: Herb Rothenberg
Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French   --   (GFP)

To Sylvie it's the "goose" that she learned from Alistair, but to Philip, Joanna Markham's husband, it's "a variety of geese," and fifteen years of marriage is just about undone along with everything else in this wild zany free for all. Everything from Philip's business deals with Bow Wow Books and Alistair's near escape from Joanna's chiding seduction to the naked G.P.O. girl and the specter of scandal is hilarious. A lot of bedhopping occurs as Sylvie winds up taking Alistair on "walkies" and the amazing Mrs. Markham gets her man her husband!

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