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Night Watch
by Lucille Fletcher
George Bakley
Harriet Barrett
Bill Byrnes
Carol Courneen
Larry Dinelli
George Farnsworth
Peggy Lockhart-Mummery
Robert Pfaff
Robin Savage

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm at the Alden Theatre Mar 5, 1993 - Mar 20, 1993
Producer: Maggie Chandler
Director: Boyd Hagy
Technical Director: Herb Rothenberg   --   (GFP)

An outstanding Broadway success, this ingeniously devised thriller builds steadily in menace and suspense until the final, breath-stopping moment of its unexpected, "twist" ending. "A most superior thriller…which from its first blood-curdling scream to its last charming surprise is a first-class example of its genre." —NY Times. "…Miss Fletcher knows exactly what she is doing, goes about her business with gratifying swiftness and comes up with a finish worthy of one of Roald Dahl's little nifties." —NY Daily News. "The call for a good American mystery melodrama was answered last night…fulfills all the requirements for an evening of satisfying menace and mystification." —NY Post.

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