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by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Tom Aberant
April Alexander
Bob Bender
Margaret Berkowitz
Maria Berkowitz
Melissa Berkowitz
Zeke Dowty
Lanier Glavin
Katie Golden
Geoff Hardy
Sarah Hardy
David Kahn
Caryn May
Carol McCaffrey
Laurie Mensing
Sara Perla
Shannon Siner
Kimberly Young

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm at the Alden Theatre Apr 8, 2005 - Apr 23, 2005
Producer: Susan Kahn
Assistant Producer: David Kahn
Music Director/Photography: Michael Dzbenski
Technical Director: Gene Nicholson
Choreographer: Stacy Crickmer
Presented by special arrangement with Rodgers and Hammerstein Theatre Library   --   (MTA)

Whether reminiscing to familiar melodies or experiencing the story for the first time, family members of all ages will be drawn into this 'rags to riches' tale about how goodness prevails over evil, and dreams make it possible for the young to cope in a world fraught with adversity. Cinderella's hopes and dreams lead her to the magical transformation that will change her life forever.

Journey to this land of make-believe where Cinderella's longing for acceptance, hope for love, and yearning for happiness ever after, are answered in the enchanting moment when 'the slipper fits'!

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