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by Lerner & Lowe
Layla Alvey
Phil Baedecker
Meredith Buchanan
Judi Dolinger Clark
Mary Davis
Angela Donatone
Eric Epstein
Robert Epstein
Rick Filkins
Angus Fitchie
Seamus Forquer
Katherine Gardner
Lanier Glavin
Mike Hoskinson
Caitlin Howell
Meaghan Hynes
Marge Jackman
Mary Fletcher Jones
Randall Jones
Kennedy Kanagawa
Elaine Kellish
Scott Kyriakakis
Steve Leacock
Bruce Marson
Kathleen McCormack
Alex Newman-Wise
John Porter
Becky Richardson
Alex Scopelitis
Kelly Shue
Bill Tedesco
Mark Trahan
Meredith VanTine
Matt Williams
Tom Wyvill

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm at the Alden Theatre May 29, 1998 - Jun 13, 1998
Producer: Kevin McCormack
Assistant Producer: Judi Dolinger Clark
Director: Carol A. Strachan
Music Director: James Gibson
Technical Director: Shayne Gardner
Choreographer: Pamela McCormack
Presented by special arrangement with TAMS   --   (CAST)

Brigadoon, written by the duo of Alan Jay Lerner (book and lyrics) and Frederick Loewe (music), was very popular in its time. Directed by the legendary Bobby Lewis, the show opened at the Ziegfeld Theatre on 13 March, 1947, and ran for 581 performances. It continues to enjoy frequent revivals to this day. Brigadoon was also made into a movie of the same name, starring the immortal Gene Kelly. You can still catch it occasionally on late night television. You might also hear some of its songs on the radio now and then. Among them, the best-known is, "Almost Like Being In Love."

Lerner's story was based on a story by Friedrich Gerstacker that had nothing whatever to do with Scotland. The original tale concerned the mythical, German village of Germelshausen that fell under an evil, magic curse. In Lerner's play, the Scottish village of Brigadoon became enchanted centuries ago. The community remained unchanging and invisible to the outside world except for one, special day every hundred years, when it could be seen and visited by outsiders. Visitors might be allowed to stay, but if anyone ever left Brigadoon, the miracle would be broken -- and that would be the end of them all.

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